Weekly Planner Spread

Looking for a weekly spread? This is one that I designed for myself and really love. I do some variation of this spread most Sunday nights to help me prepare for the upcoming week. I find it quite helpful.

Card #1 - Theme/General Energy of the Week

Card #2 - What I Most Need to Focus on This Week

Card #3 - Challenges That May Come Up This Week

Card #4 - Advice/What Strengths I can Use to Overcome These Challenges

I’ll usually lay the cards out in a pyramid-like shape with Card #1 on top and Cards #2, #3 and #4 as the base. Then I’ll pull some cards off to the side to look at a couple major areas in my life to see if there is anything going on that I should be aware of. For me this usually looks like:

Card #5 - School

Card #6 - Tarot Business

Cards #7 - Social Life

You could easily substitute things like “relationship”, “family”, or “work”, depending on what major aspects of your life you want to keep tabs on that week. Another options is to look at the “spiritual”“emotional”, or creative” energies of your week. Sometimes I’ll even change it up week-to-week depending on what feels like needs extra attention. If a card comes up that indicates a struggle or a conflict in a particular area, I’ll sometimes pull an additional advice card if I feel like I need that.

Reading with The Collective Tarot

I really enjoy doing this type of reading, it forces me to take time before the week starts to come up with a plan and set some intention. Often I’ll sit down with my tarot journal AND my day planner while doing this reading and take an hour or two to get all organized. It makes me feel more relaxed heading into the week because I feel like I’m on top of everything. Also I love planning and I just so geek out on this type of thing. 🙂

I hope you find the spread helpful.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Planner Spread

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    • Thank you for featuring the spread on your blog. I’m glad you found it helpful enough to share. It sounds like you got a pretty good sense of what your cards meant and you worked with the images and the impressions that those images made on you. That’s great. Often newbies can get stuck on the “book meanings” instead of letting their intuition guide them. I would say just keep doing what you are doing and your proficiency will develop more and more as you practice.
      Best wishes on your tarot journey.


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