The Seven of Swords: Who is this Guy and What is he Stealing from You?

Seven of Swords - Morgan Greer Tarot

Seven of Swords - Morgan Greer Tarot

The Seven of Swords has long been a card that I couldn’t quite connect with. I understood the “standard” meaning, that the card indicates someone who is being deceptive or isn’t being honest and forthright about their intentions, but often I didn’t find that meaning to resonate so much when it came up in my readings. Since I use tarot primarily for personal development and inner work, I like to find meanings that apply and resonate with those themes. Of course we can deceive ourselves and we can certainly have warped intentions, but there was a piece that wasn’t clicking. That is until I spent some time pondering who exactly this character was that is skulking about absconding with swords.

The character in the Seven of Swords can be anyone, depending on the context of the reading, but the person who I most often associate him with now is that devious little creature that lives inside most of our heads, The Inner Bully, the Inner Critic, the part of yourself that isn’t very nice or supportive to you. I also call them the Inner Party-Pooper because everything that they have to say is such a buzz kill. And what are they stealing? Only some of the most precious things that we possess, our ideas, our self confidence, our joy. This character really is a piece of work. They are the one that when we have a great idea, just shoots it down with some BS about “that’s too hard.”, “You aren’t clever enough to do that.”, “Everybody else is already doing that.” What a jerk! If you have a resident Inner Bully, I know you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

The Seven of Swords - Tarot Illuminati

The Seven of Swords - Tarot Illuminati

So now when I see the Seven of Swords, the first thing I ask myself is “what does my self talk and inner dialogue sound like?” Am I letting my inner bully shoot me down and steal my joy and motivation? They’re a sneaky one and often I find that they have been subtly slipping me negative messages about my worthiness without my even really noticing. (They’re hanging out right now while I’m writing this telling me that “That’s not right. You’re wrong” and I actually started listening to them for a minute, they’re that good at what they does.) That is when I have to become very vigilant (Time to bring in some Nine of Wands energy.) and make sure that I’m calling out my inner jerk-face when they start telling me lies about who I am or what I am capable of. I just told mine that they has some nerve trying to stop me from writing this blog post and that they need to GTFO! 😀

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3 thoughts on “The Seven of Swords: Who is this Guy and What is he Stealing from You?

  1. What a great way to interpret this (for me too) troublesome card. Letting him steal and take away your joy and confidence is so recognizable. I will jot this down in my tarot journal at once

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  2. I enjoyed the parallel between 7 of swords and 9 of wands - being vigilant to our inner critic, who keeps popping its ugly head up. I did a reading recently for a writer who was struggling with writers block - the ‘hopes and fears’ card was the Knight of Wands, also a good antidote to self doubt if more brash than the 9 !


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