Short & Sweet New Year Spread

Greetings Tarot Loves,

Its funny, I don’t have anything to blog about for months and then suddenly I’m waxing prolific. Its interesting how creativity ebbs and flows. I’m not complaining though, its great to be blogging regularly again…though I make no promises about keeping this pace up for any length of time.

Now, down to business…I have a quick three card spread for you to try out. Its intended to give you some insight for the upcoming year. So many folks use elaborate New Years spreads, but I wanted to design something a little less complex, it could even be used as a supplement to a larger reading.

3 Card New Years Spread

Card #1: Your Point of Power: This card represents you, what you can do and what you should focus on to make the upcoming year a roaring success. It indicates the strengths that you bring with you into the new year, the lessons that you’ve learned in the past year that will help you and the things that fall within your sphere of control.

Card #2: What You Need to Leave Behind in the Old Year: This card represents those things that need to be released, that you don’t want to bring into the new year with you. They are obstacles, things that aren’t serving you and will only hinder you moving forward.

Card #3: What You Need to Embrace in the New Year: This card represents the energies that will help you in the New Year. These are the things that are coming your way, that you are drawing to you. They can be resources, other people who will assist you or attitudes and behaviors for you to adopt.

A Holiday Gift for You!

If any of you, my dear subscribers, are interested in getting a little New Years insight, I’m giving away 6 short New Year Readings based on this spread. I have some extra time over the next 10 days and I’m itching to do some readings. Please fill out the form below, include what you want me to focus on in the “Question” section and I will have your reading in your inbox by Jan 1 (provided no unforeseen calamities strike.). I will note on this post when all the readings have been claimed. If you submit an inquiry I will e-mail you to confirm your reading within 48hrs. Please note, you need to be a subscriber on my blog or have liked my Facebook Page to be eligible. I look forward to reading for you. 🙂

Love & Blessings

PS-Please check out my Policies & Ethics Page before submitting your inquiry, just to make sure that you understand how I do readings and what I am able to read about.

All of the free tarot readings have been claimed! Thank you for your interest.

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